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Print edition: 188 pages, 135 color and B&W photos, includes pullout meridian and tsubo charts

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Not satisfied with the restrictions of traditional shiatsu, Ohashi sensei moved beyond to develop a unique method and approach to Eastern energy acupressure. Over 20 years in the making, his Bodywork Book is a rejuvenating approach to this healing art. In this book, Ohashi covers the fundamentals of his method that thousands of students throughout the world have studied and practiced.

Since its print publication in 1996, Ohashi’s Bodywork Book has sold several thousand copies, appearing in several languages. This comprehensive guide to Ohashiatsu®/OHASHI Method® features:

  • 135 color and B&W photos, showing whole-body movements, not just pressure points
  • “Don’t” boxes show undesirable body postures and how to avoid them
  • Step-by-step explanations with definitions of terms that may be unfamiliar to Westerners
  • Ohashi’s Special Tips plus a chapter devoted to “Designing Your Session”
  • 12 Meridian & Tsubo Charts that pullout for easy reference

Autographed copies available, add $10

Ohashiatsu®/OHASHI Method® is famously known by bodyworkers and clients as an effective therapeutic treatment for many structural disorders of the body, and without the inherent stress and discomfort that occurs with other techniques. Ohashi’s bodywork method fosters a mutual exchange of beneficial energy, enriching both giver and receiver.

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