a two-disc set
Ultimate Relaxation
FaceLift & VitalEyes

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Disc One:  Ultimate Relaxation

You will learn:

  • Touch and movement techniques for bed or massage table
  • Neck, shoulders, head, arms, and feet points for whole-body relaxation
  • How to relieve annoying pains and headaches that prevent deep relaxation
  • To work from your Hara (center of gravity) to conserve your energy while enhancing the energy flow from you to your client



Part 1. Receiver Lying Down

  • Relaxing the Neck
  • Scarf Technique
  • Ear Technique
  • Foot Technique

Part 2. Receiver Sitting Up

  • Relaxing the Shoulders and Neck
  • Back of Neck
  • Stretching the Arms


Disc Two: FaceLift & VitalEyes

You will learn:

  • To effectively relieve face, neck and shoulder tension “down to the toes”
  • Tips for saving your body while giving effective massage
  • How to safely massage around the eyes
  • How to reduce swelling around the eyes for improved appearance
  • Ohashi’s special neck technique for facials
  • How to treat and relieve sinus pressure and TMJ pain


Part 1. Sit Up Position

  • Relaxing the Face
  • Relaxing the Shoulders & Neck
  • Back of Neck

Part 2. On the Table

  • Neck Technique for Facelift
  • Sinus Congestion and TMJ Pain
  • Revitalizing the Eyes
  • Massaging Around the Eyes
  • Neck Technique for Facial