Ohashi Method® – Muscle Meridian Sedation, Vol. 3

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Developed by Master Ohashi, the Ohashi Method® Muscle Meridian Sedation Series brings 40 years of his experience and knowledge to your practice.



Preparation Exercises

Sit Up Position

  • Bilateral Neck Sedation Head Tilted
  • Bilateral Neck Sedation Head Rotated


Prone Position

  • Lower Back Sedation Lumbar 1,2,3,4
  • Bilateral Hip Socket Sedation
  • Leg Positioning for Lumbar Sedation


Supine Position

  • Lumbar Sedation from the Hara
  • Neck Sedation with Scarf
  • Bilateral Neck Sedation with Scarf & Feet
  • Thumb Sedation
  • Wrist Sedation