Ohashi Method® – Lower Back Pain

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Step by step, Ohashi shows you how to safely treat and relieve low back pain.

You will learn how:

  • to treat the neck, shoulders and legs to release stored tension
  • to treat the upper back to effectively relieve lower back pain
  • to position your client for the most effective and beneficial stretches
  • to use special stretches and ROM to find where pain originates
  • to determine if pain has physical or emotional causes
  • to assess the effectiveness of your treatment




  • Diagnosing with the Neck
  • Neck Treatment Observing the Feet
  • The Cervical Vertebrae


Spinal Stretch

  • Spine Stretch on Pillow
  • How to Treat Curved Lower Back
  • Another Spine Stretch


Hara Treatment


  • Rocking Technique
  • Lumbar Twist


Legs and Ankles

  • Inner Ankle Treatment
  • Inner Leg Treatment
  • Outer Leg Treatment


Sit Up Position

  • Sedating the Upper Back
  • Stretching 2-4 Lumbar