Ohashi Method® – Healing Scarf Technique

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You will learn:

  • how to use your special scarf on specific meridians for stretching and toning techniques
  • how to use a ball or heated stones to stimulate acupoints and meridians
  • how to effectively stretch and relax your clients on the floor or table
  • how to properly fold and hold your scarf

Ohashi recommends that you use a cotton Japanese scarf known as “tenugui.” It softens the more you wash it.

Your scarf can be 37 inches (88cm) for the neck, a little longer for hips and legs -44 inches or more (about 120-150 centimeters). Be sure your scarf is long enough to wrap around your hands so it is secure. Click here to see our special Japanese scarves.




  • Preparation
  • Scarf Twist
  • Ball in Scarf
  • Hot Stones



  • Basic
  • Lumbar Stretching
  • Spinal Twist



  • Single Leg
  • Both Legs


Arms and Shoulders


  • Single Arms
  • Both Arms



  • Basic
  • Head on Thigh
  • Knee on Head; Side Stretch
  • Feet on Shoulders



  • Head Squeeze
  • Neck Rotation: Upper Back Sedation