Ohashi Method® Complete Session

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Disc 1

Welcome to Ohashi’s Course

  • Supporting Each Other and Correct Body Movement
  • Human Being, Not Human Doing
  • Why We Use Two Hands
  • Hara Movement and Cross-Patterning

Preparation Exercises

  • Use Your Hara, Don’t Press
  • Hara Treatment: Respect the Receiver, Use Two Hands
  • Working the Legs in Supine Position


Disc 2

  • Working on the Arms in Supine Position (Heart Constrictor, Heart, Lung Meridians)
  • Working on the Neck in Supine Position
  • Working on the Back and Legs in Prone Position (Bladder Meridian)
  • Treatment for the Whole Body in Supine and Prone Positions


When in NYC and you want to review “Human Being, Not Human Doing”, check out the Integral Yoga Shop at Integral Yoga Institute on W 13th St. btwn 7th & 8th Aves (212-929-0585). The Shop now carries Ohashiatsu: A Complete Session. This 2-disc classic by Ohashi has the fundamentals with 4 hours of Ohashi’s instruction.  Sign up for one of the many classes offered by the Institute – and for  Ohashi’s courses in 2018. Please check Ohashi’s teaching schedule.