Natural Childbirth, The Eastern Way: A Healthy Pregnancy and Delivery Through Shiatsu

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Wataru Ohashi with Mary Hoover
85 pages with 159 half-tone photos and drawings

In this fully illustrated book, with step-by-step exercises and techniques, Ohashi offers his holistic Ohashi Method® approach for a healthy pregnancy and delivery. Some of the Eastern routines he presents in this volume have been practiced for centuries, and many others are Ohashi’s own adaptations specifically designed to meet the needs of the expectant mother and family.

Everyone can benefit from Ohashi’s knowledge and experience offered in this volume. His special exercises help prepare the pregnant mother for childbirth, give her more confidence in her own body, and help her regain and readjust her body after the baby arrives. Ohashi’s series of simple but effective exercises, his section on self-treatment techniques, and his treatments for common problems will provide the pregnant mother:

  • Relief from morning sickness and headaches, without drugs or medicine
  • Relief from lower back pain
  • Relief from muscle tension
  • Strengthening of abdominal muscles
  • Reduction of stress through relaxed, deep breathing
  • Ease post-partum recovery and breastfeeding


For family and loved ones:

  • Promotes active participation in the birth process
  • Encourages and creates a bond with the unborn child


For the baby:

  • Provides important physical, sensory, and mental stimulation for healthy development before and after birth

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First published in 1983, Natural Childbirth, The Eastern Way, synthesized the techniques and experience Ohashi used during his wife’s pregnancy and delivery of their son.

Sadly, this important book by Ohashi went out of print, leaving very few available copies. Recently, several boxes of this book were unexpectedly found in storage. In spite of some slight cover damage, we wanted to offer its valuable contents for the benefit of interested readers.

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