Muscle Meridian Sedation the Complete Set.
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Ohashi METHOD® Muscle Meridian Sedation the Complete Set

Are your clients’ tight muscles causing stiffness and pain?

Do you want to learn effective techniques to relax…
and sedate hypertonic muscles…
and that won’t extend your session or give you fatigue?

You will learn:

  • how to sedate a meridian and relax several muscles at once
  • how to assess your client’s body distortions
  • how to position the body to easily access the sedation point
  • how to prepare your body to work efficiently and without danger of fatigue
  • how to use pillows and positioning for more effective treatment without straining your body


Volume 1
Upper Back Sedation, Hip Sedation with Ohashi’s Healing Scarf Therapy, and lower Lumbar Bi-Lateral Sedation
Volume 2
Upper and Lower Back Sedation in various positions, plus Shoulder and Foot Sedations
Volume 3
Neck Sedation in sit-up and supine positions, plus more about Lumbar Sedation from Hara, and Thumb and Wrist Sedation

All Volumes include special preparation exercises for your body.