Healing Scarf Technique DVD with free scarf.
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Ohashi METHOD®: Healing Scarf Technique DVD

Are your hands tired from massage all day? Save your hands and benefit your body.

Enter Ohashi’s private classroom and learn his unique Healing Scarf Technique developed over 45 years of practice and teaching. 

He will teach you:

  • how to use the special scarf on specific meridians for stretching and toning techniques
  • how to use a ball or heated stones to stimulate acupoints and meridians
  • how to effectively stretch and relax your clients on the floor or table
  • how to properly fold and hold your healing scarf

60 minutes of high value production.

Free scarf

Choose your FREE Tenugui with your Healing Scarf Technique DVD purchase. 

  • These 100% cotton scarves are made in Japan. Each scarf is 100cm long – a perfect length for Ohashi’s Healing Scarf Technique. 
  • Scarf never suffers from frequent washing — only softens!
  • Comes in four traditional Japanese patterns: (1) Dragonfly, (2) Star, (3) Pine Needle, and (4) Killifish.
  • Please note your choice of pattern when you checkout.