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  • Muscle Meridian Sedation the Complete Set.
    Only $99.
    Free shipping in the U.S.

    Muscle Meridian Sedation the Complete Set.
    Only $99.
    Free shipping in the U.S.

    Ohashi METHOD® Muscle Meridian Sedation the Complete Set

    Are your clients’ tight muscles causing stiffness and pain?

    Do you want to learn effective techniques to relax...
    and sedate hypertonic muscles…
    and that won’t extend your session or give you fatigue?

    You will learn:

    • how to sedate a meridian and relax several muscles at once
    • how to assess your client’s body distortions
    • how to position the body to easily access the sedation point
    • how to prepare your body to work efficiently and without danger of fatigue
    • how to use pillows and positioning for more effective treatment without straining your body


    Volume 1
    Upper Back Sedation, Hip Sedation with Ohashi’s Healing Scarf Therapy, and lower Lumbar Bi-Lateral Sedation
    Volume 2
    Upper and Lower Back Sedation in various positions, plus Shoulder and Foot Sedations
    Volume 3
    Neck Sedation in sit-up and supine positions, plus more about Lumbar Sedation from Hara, and Thumb and Wrist Sedation

    All Volumes include special preparation exercises for your body.

    $ 165.00 $ 99.00
  • Healing Scarf Technique DVD with free scarf.
    Only $39.
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    Healing Scarf Technique DVD with free scarf.
    Only $39.
    Free shipping in the U.S.

    Ohashi METHOD®: Healing Scarf Technique DVD

    Are your hands tired from massage all day? Save your hands and benefit your body.

    Enter Ohashi's private classroom and learn his unique Healing Scarf Technique developed over 45 years of practice and teaching. 

    He will teach you:

    • how to use the special scarf on specific meridians for stretching and toning techniques
    • how to use a ball or heated stones to stimulate acupoints and meridians
    • how to effectively stretch and relax your clients on the floor or table
    • how to properly fold and hold your healing scarf

    60 minutes of high value production.

    Free scarf

    Choose your FREE Tenugui with your Healing Scarf Technique DVD purchase. 

    • These 100% cotton scarves are made in Japan. Each scarf is 100cm long - a perfect length for Ohashi's Healing Scarf Technique. 
    • Scarf never suffers from frequent washing — only softens!
    • Comes in four traditional Japanese patterns: (1) Dragonfly, (2) Star, (3) Pine Needle, and (4) Killifish.
    • Please note your choice of pattern when you checkout.
    $ 80.00 $ 39.00
  • Pregnancy DVD with free Pregnancy Book
    Only $39.
    Free shipping in the U.S.

    Pregnancy DVD with free Pregnancy Book
    Only $39.
    Free shipping in the U.S.

    Ohashi METHOD® Pregnancy DVD

    Learn a safe and beneficial approach to help your client through pregnancy, help her feel better and develop confidence in her body; and help her family participate during this special time.

    In this DVD, Ohashi demonstrates techniques that can benefit a healthy pregnancy and delivery, ease your client's pain and discomfort, and simple ways to encourage an easy labor. You will learn:

    • Which positions are the most comfortable during pregnancy
    • What are the most effective stretches
    • How you can treat common problems during pregnancy, like lower back pain, headaches, muscle cramps
    • Ways to encourage easy labor when the time comes.

    40 minutes of high value production.

    Free with Purchase.

    Get a FREE copy of Ohashi's book, Natural Childbirth, The Eastern Way. A Healthy Pregnancy and Delivery Through Shiatsu with your DVD purchase. First published in 1983, this valuable book synthesized the techniques and experience Ohashi used during his wife’s pregnancy and delivery of their son.

    Ohashi's holistic approach to natural childbirth has fully illustrated step-by-step techniques to: 

    • Help prepare the pregnant mother for childbirth, attain more confidence in her own body
    • And help her regain and readjust her body after the baby arrives


    With simple but effective exercises to: 

    • Relieve morning sickness and headaches, without drugs or medicine
    • Relieve lower back pain, and muscle tension
    • Strengthen abdominal muscles, and reduce stress through relaxed, deep breathing
    • Ease post-partum recovery and breastfeeding


    For family and loved ones, and the baby:

    • Promote active participation in the birth process
    • Encourage and create a bond with the unborn child
    • Provide valuable physical, sensory, and mental stimulation for healthy development before and after birth.

    This important book by Ohashi was first published 1983. Some of the copies have slight cover damage. 

    $ 67.00 $ 39.00