What is OHASHI Method® and Ohashiatsu®?

Eastern medicine teaches that there are meridians or pathways within the body that channel the Ki energy ~ our life essence. We experience this energy in the functioning of all our life systems, from digestion to higher reasoning and spiritual awareness. Any stagnation or imbalance within the meridian system can result in physical and psychological disease.

OHASHI Method/Ohashiatsu is a nurturing method of touch. Like other Eastern therapies, this modality manipulates the energy flow within the body. It is based on the principles and practice of shiatsu, but it takes shiatsu/acupressure to a different level. A primary emphasis is on communication and synergism between giver and receiver and the self-development of the giver as well as the receiver and on psychological and spiritual balance for both.

The primary difference from other energy modalities is that OHASHI Method/Ohashiatsu maintains and improves the giver’s posture and well-being through fluid movement and working from hara, the life center in Eastern practice. When you practice you are energized and rejuvenated because of the way your body moves, because you are enhancing your Ki (life essence) energy, and because you are meditating while you are working.

OHASHI Method/Ohashiatsu combines hands-on touch techniques, gentle exercises and stretches, and meditations in a seamless flow of movement. Practicing this modality is like an energizing dance.

When the giver enjoys, the receiver benefits. When you as the giver communicate your enjoyment and attitude about life to the receiver, the receiver will use your example to become healthier and happier in the future. Givers and receivers equally benefit from practicing and from learning OHASHI Method/Ohashiatsu.