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Natural Childbirth, The Eastern Way: A Healthy Pregnancy and Delivery Through Shiatsu

Wataru Ohashi with Mary Hoover 85 pages with 159 half-tone photos and drawings In this fully illustrated book, with step-by-step exercises and techniques, Ohashi offers his holistic Ohashi Method® approach for a healthy pregnancy and delivery. Some of the Eastern routines he presents in…
$ 12.00$ 22.00

Ohashi Method® – Exercises for Lower Back Pain

Do you ever feel stiffness in your back? Does your body feel “straitjacketed” all day from computer work? Do you feel energy drain? Relax your back ... Relax your mind ... Feel your well-being return! You can bring a relaxing vitality back into your…
$ 55.00

Reading the Body: Ohashi’s Book of Oriental Diagnosis

Ohashi 199 pages, with diagrams and drawings by Ohashi “People are always asking me, ‘How can I be happy? Or, How can I find the thing I really want to do in life?’ I tell them: You are standing on your answer. The secrets…
$ 22.00$ 32.00

Ohashi Method® – Muscle Meridian Sedation, Vol. 2

Are your clients’ tight muscles causing stiffness and pain? Do you want to learn effective techniques to relax... and sedate hypertonic muscles… and that won’t extend your session or give you fatigue? You will learn: how to sedate a meridian and relax several muscles…
$ 55.00

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OHASHI Method® - Revitalizing Eyes, on table

OHASHI Method® - Relaxing the Face

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