Ohashi’s Unique BodySaving Method
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  • Ohashi Method® Complete Session

    Ohashi Method® Complete Session

    Can’t make it to one of Master Ohashi’s classes?
    Want to learn the fundamentals of Master Ohashi’s bodywork method?
    Need to review his basic concepts?

    Find out how you can harness your natural energy and be more powerful when relaxed. Master Ohashi will show you his fundamental techniques and basic concepts. His teaching style is dynamic, enriching, and joyful. Important points and techniques are revisited for thorough learning. Chapter titles enable quick review. Over 4 hours of high production value video.

    You will learn:

    • preparation exercises for effective work
    • how to work from your center of gravity or Hara
    • what is cross-patterning and how to use it
    • how to use both hands
    • what are the mother hand/messenger hand
    • how to coordinate both hands to avoid “ouch” pain
    • the importance of being continuous
    • the format for a complete session

    2 discs, 4 hours

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    $ 55.00
  • Ohashi Method® – Lower Back Pain

    Ohashi Method® – Lower Back Pain

    Safely treat lower back pain in your clients.

    Do you need an effective, but safe way to treat your clients' back pain?

    Ohashi did. So, over the last 40 years he developed many special techniques to relieve the suffering of clients and students.

    Ohashi knows what the World Health Organization knows: low back pain is the most common reason people seek medical help. Lower back pain interferes with quality of life and work performance.

    60 minutes

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    $ 55.00
  • Ohashi Method® – Muscle Meridian Sedation, Vol. 1

    Ohashi Method® – Muscle Meridian Sedation, Vol. 1

    Are your clients’ tight muscles causing stiffness and pain?

    Do you want to learn effective techniques to relax...
    and sedate hypertonic muscles…
    and that won’t extend your session or give you fatigue?

    You will learn:

    • how to sedate a meridian and relax several muscles at once
    • how to assess your client’s body distortions
    • how to position the body to easily access the sedation point
    • how to prepare your body to work efficiently and without danger of fatigue
    • how to use pillows and positioning for more effective treatment without straining your body


    Volume 1
    Upper Back Sedation, Hip Sedation with Ohashi’s Healing Scarf Therapy, and lower Lumbar Bi-Lateral Sedation
    Volume 2
    Upper and Lower Back Sedation in various positions, plus Shoulder and Foot Sedations
    Volume 3
    Neck Sedation in sit-up and supine positions, plus more about Lumbar Sedation from Hara, and Thumb and Wrist Sedation

    All Volumes include special preparation exercises for your body.

    60 minutes

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    $ 55.00
  • Ohashi Method® – Healing Scarf Technique

    Ohashi Method® – Healing Scarf Technique

    Are your hands tired from massage all day?
    Save your hands and…
    Benefit your body.
    Use a healing scarf!

    One day, during a very important treatment session, the Japanese scarf (tenegui) Ohashi used to cover his client’s eyes for deeper relaxation, slipped down to her neck and shoulders. This happy accident inspired him to begin stretching his client’s neck with the scarf. Later she said, “Ohashi, this is the best treatment you’ve ever given me!”

    Ohashi was so impressed, he started treating other clients with a scarf and soon realized how this new technique could be effectively used with clients suffering from structural conditions, with less effort on his part!

    60 minutes

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    $ 55.00
  • Ohashi Method® – Transitions

    Ohashi Method® – Transitions

    Do you ever find it difficult to move or position some clients?
    Are you afraid you might hurt your client when you need to move them?
    Or hurt your back?

    Learn safe moving and positioning techniques for you and your client with minimum effort but maximum benefit.

    Ohashi says, “The first, last, and most important foundation for all caregivers, healthcare professionals, bodyworkers, and massage therapists is how to take care of your own body.”

    45 minutes

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    $ 55.00
  • Reading the Body: Ohashi’s Book of Oriental Diagnosis

    Reading the Body: Ohashi’s Book of Oriental Diagnosis

    199 pages, with diagrams and drawings by Ohashi

    “People are always asking me, ‘How can I be happy? Or, How can I find the thing I really want to do in life?’ I tell them: You are standing on your answer. The secrets of your life are written on your body.” This wonderful passage is from the first chapter of this truly inspired work, Reading the Body.

    Autographed copies available, add $10

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    $ 22.00$ 32.00
  • Ohashi Method® – Exercises for Lower Back Pain

    Ohashi Method® – Exercises for Lower Back Pain

    Do you ever feel stiffness in your back?
    Does your body feel “straitjacketed” all day from computer work?
    Do you feel energy drain?

    Relax your back ...
    Relax your mind ...
    Feel your well-being return!

    You can bring a relaxing vitality back into your life in this personal exercise session with Ohashi. He reveals simple, easy, effective exercises for relaxing your back, relaxing your mind, getting your energy back.

    45 minutes

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    $ 55.00
  • Ohashi Method® Pregnancy

    Ohashi Method® Pregnancy

    Learn a safe and beneficial approach to help your client through pregnancy ...
    Help her feel better and develop confidence ...
    Help her family participate in this special time.

    Ohashi demonstrates techniques that can benefit a healthy pregnancy and delivery and ease your client’s pain and discomfort.

    40 minutes

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    $ 55.00
  • Kara-hana Tenugui

    Kara-hana Tenugui

    This lovely extra-long Japanese scarf's pattern is known as the Kara-hana, an imaginary flower of ancient Japanese design. The beautiful red and blue flowers express the ageless meaning of infinity, beauty and vitality, and unlimited possibility.

    • Individually hand-dyed (chusen technique) in Japan
    • Excellent quality 100% white cotton


    Size: 37 x 120 (cm) / 14.6 x 47.3 (inch)

    $ 25.00
    a two-disc set
    Ultimate Relaxation
    FaceLift & VitalEyes

    a two-disc set
    Ultimate Relaxation
    FaceLift & VitalEyes

    Are your clients stressed out from overwork?
    Do your clients suffer from tension headaches?
    Want to relax those tense face lines?
    Are you overwhelmed with product hype and info overload?

    You can offer your clients deeply beneficial relaxation using only your hands and without any special equipment. Developed by Master Ohashi and based on his successful approach to bodywork, this Ohashi Touch volume presents face, neck and shoulder massage on the massage table.

    53 minutes

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    $ 55.00