Ohashiatsu is a nurturing method of touch. Like other Eastern therapies, Ohashiatsu manipulates the energy within the body and uses a framework of Eastern philosophy. However, the emphasis of Ohashiatsu is on communication and synergism between giver and receiver and the self-development of the giver, as well as the receiver, and on the true physical, psychological and spiritual harmony for both.

This is the primary difference between Ohashiatsu and other bodywork modalities: Ohashiatsu maintains and improves the giver's posture, movement and well-being. When you give Ohashiatsu, you are energized and rejuvenated because of the way your body moves, because you are enhancing your Ki (life essence) energy, and because you are meditating while you are working.

Ohashiatsu combines hands-on touch techniques, gentle exercises and stretches, and meditations in a seamless flow of movement. Ohashiatsu is an energizing dance. It is a mutual issue: When the giver enjoys, the receiver benefits. When you as the giver communicate your enjoyment and attitude about life to the receiver, the receiver will use your example to become healthier and happier in the future.


The Philosophy of the Ohashiatsu® Program

We believe that the more people we teach, the more people there will be who can achieve a healthier and happier existence, ultimately leading to a peaceful and healthy planet.


The Ohashiatsu® Program

The Institute's program meets a variety of goals. Some students attend courses to learn techniques for self-healthcare, some because of an interest in Eastern culture, and some want to explore a new career or add techniques and knowledge to their current practice.

The focus of courses is on experiential learning: taking the information into the body and experiencing the techniques and concepts in yourself and others. The relaxed learning environment is one of non-judgement, so students can find a safe place to express their experiences.

Each course offers lecture, exercises, meditations and hands-on training. The basic curriculum courses are 30 hours each and are offered in various formats throughout the year. In addition, the Institute offers shorter courses that complement the course material.

Each successive course builds carefully upon what has already been taught, adding new material that students can immediately begin to use in their lives. Continuing at their own pace through the curriculum, students may take courses independently or as part of a study program that leads to a certificate. The basic program takes about two year to complete. After graduation, students may apply to become a Certified Ohashiatsu® Instructor and join the instructor training program which takes about one year.

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